After you have been exploring the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana for the whole morning and may be into the whole morning and may be into the early hours of the afternoon, we are sure you are a bit tired and hungry. And here pop’s up the question.  Where to go? So let us help you with your choice. Follow our guidelines in the following blogs and I can assure you’ll not regret it. You will definitely find a restaurant to your liking.

The choice is yours

In Ljubljana the choice of restaurants where you can rest your tired feet is large and diverse. And the best part of it is that nearly all oft them are in or near the city center. Near The Three Bridges – the “Tromostovje”. It is up to you to choose the one that is to your liking. And mind you, nearly all of them will accept your credit card. You do not have to look for an ATM. Quite convenient. Don’t you agree.

Let’s see what are your preferences according to price. Are you a fan of fine dining? Are you looking to some med-range priced meal or something cheaper. Or you want to take your loved ones to a fancy dinner

What about your tastes. You are an adventurer and want to try some local, typically Slovenian dish like the “bograč” or a plane but very good “pečenka” – roast with potatoes.

Or would you like to try something mediterranean. Which is not difficult at all as Slovenia has its own coastline and borders with Italy. And so we have a Mediterranean cuisine in the Slovene way. It’s not bad at all! Don’t be shy. Try it!

You travel with your children? In most cases we can positively assert that your children will be the happier with a delicious pizza. This is not a problem either. Slovenian pizzas are first-class.

Now that I am writing these lines it is winter. But spring will come and after the spring the summer the summer comes. The sun will shine, the days will be longer and it will definitely be warmer if not plainly hot. Why am I telling you this? Because almost all of Ljubljana restaurants have open-air tables. So you can enjoy good food and be entertained by the city’s hustle and bustle. Fun, is it not!?

Oh, I almost forgot as for some of you this is going to be a very important information. In almost all the Ljubljana restaurants you will find a large selection of beer – local and imported. Just remember. Slovenian beer is very good and cheaper than the imported brands. Our beer tradition goes back to the 13th century when the monks of the town of Škofja Loka – a charming place not far from Ljubljana – started making beer for their own pleasure. So why pay more for something you can get in London or Madrid.

The above said also applies to wine!

You are traveling with underage children? Do not concern yourself with then having to drink just water. No way! The choice of fruit juice in Ljubljana restaurants is almost limitless.

And what about the Slovenian tip custom? Tips are very well received thought not obligatory. Not giving it you might face a waiter’s ugly look.

Let us begin with our travel of Ljubljana places “where to eat”? Follow me please. All comment or suggestions will be more that welcomed.

Bon apetit!

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