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The Slippers – a Truly Slovenian Custom

Foreign guests find some of Slovenian customs fanny and peculiar. One such custom that you’ll encounter nowhere else in Europe is wearing slippers when you’re home – don’t you ever think about it?

We Slovene tend to have at least a dozen pair of slippers in our closet. In different sizes, colors and patterns – a pair for us and a pair for our guests. Many foreigners find this very odd and at the same time amusing. But Slovenes are serious about it. We don’t like to have our feet cold or our floors and carpets dirty.

And we expect our guests to conform to this rule and take their shoes off. There’s no room to argue about it!

So, entering a house with shoes on is not common in Slovenia. Guests are expected to take their shoes off and that’s – that! We do not intend to be rude when asking our guest to take off their shoes. You even might find out that wearing slippers inside the house has its advantages, like:

  • It’s cleaner than wearing your shoes/flip flops/high heels
  • There’s no smell
  • Slippers are warm and comfortable.

So next time, you are invited to a Slovenian home, don’t be surprised to be asked to take off your shoes and be given slippers. Smile and experience the custom like a true Slovenian.